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    NX-VVVVVV v1.0.0

    Nichole Mattera released this 3 years ago | 0 commits to main since this release

    Initial release based off the 2.2.0 source code of VVVVVV!

    • VVVVVV.nro is the build of the full retail version.
    • VVVVVV-MaP.nro is the build of the make and play version.


    • Ported to Nintendo Switch!
    • Changed controller prompts to match Switch controllers.
    • Removed ability to switch between fullscreen and window modes. Will always run at 1080p when docked and 720p when handheld.
    • Added ability to reset bindings back to default.

    How to run:

    1. Create a new director called VVVVVV under the switch folder in you SD card.
    2. Copy VVVVVV.nro or VVVVVV-MaP.nro into the directory.
    3. Copy the data.zip file from your VVVVVV installation into the same folder.
    4. Put your SD card back into your Switch and enjoy!