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Nichole Mattera 8ea8fbe82d Updated version number 10 months ago
Nichole Mattera 06cbff44b7 Merge tag '2.3.6' 10 months ago
Ethan Lee abe3eb6077 2.3.6 12 months ago
Misa cfa0d04bbb `LoadImage`: Check LodePNG return value and print errors 12 months ago
Misa cc3dc8d329 Don't go back to main menu when deleting main game save data 12 months ago
Ethan Lee b1760fbf90 2.3.5 12 months ago
Misa 6b5953f3f5 Remove extra "s" 12 months ago
Misa 0aa76cde56 Fix warp sprites of big sprites sometimes not being drawn 12 months ago
Misa 0e51dc48de Outline "NO SIGNAL" 12 months ago
Misa ea5f772636 Outline trophy text 12 months ago
Misa d66505eacb Add centiseconds to timer overlays 12 months ago
Misa c2ef76fc06 Fix in-game timer going away after playing Super Gravitron 12 months ago
Misa c6664186f3 `hardreset`: Reset `ingame_titlemode` 12 months ago
Misa fa19bc3832 Add asserts if `ingame_titlemode` in unexpected places 12 months ago
Misa 326d96b506 Pull out fade mode handling into separate function 12 months ago
Misa a57010e55b Fix regression from 2.3 with `destroy(platforms)` 12 months ago
Misa b2b2fcb867 Fix elephant placement across rooms 12 months ago
Misa a1381102f8 Remove space at end of Press %s to Teleport 12 months ago
Misa 774f8c31a7 Fix winning in No Death Mode saying "One trinkets" 12 months ago
Misa 80ea585085 Fix Pauli Kohberger's name stopping being drawn too early 12 months ago
Misa e78de4662c `deletestats`: Properly reset `bestgamedeaths` 12 months ago
Nichole Mattera ee7908b08a Updated version number 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera 005c23bcfd Merge tag '2.3.4' 1 year ago
Ethan Lee 3469a44489 2.3.4 1 year ago
Misa 222e45ada1 Music: Do not do fades if not playing 1 year ago
Misa 6c848a8bb9 Move `Mix_PausedMusic()` call into wrapper function 1 year ago
Misa b5501e4b29 Kludge-fix being able to play music in editor 1 year ago
Misa 7c29bb862a Reset some stats that weren't being reset in deletestats 1 year ago
Misa 2b9b4c39cb Reset fade booleans when silencing music 1 year ago
Misa 3c6cb0167d Fix platv values outside map size being saved as 67372036 1 year ago
Misa 406a19ceb6 Don't check `!muted` when fading music after completion prompt 1 year ago
Misa 3d090792d2 Don't touch music when completing custom level 1 year ago
Misa b6645de749 Fix dying during collection prompt persisting effects 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera a46823bb45 Updated version number 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera 815c86abfb Merge commit 'ca35c53c1a850c62d09779429076763c58473a4c' 1 year ago
Misa 25af54529b Don't check `map.extrarow` when opening map 1 year ago
Misa f467f86dc2 Use `resumegamemode` to track menu animation 1 year ago
Ethan Lee ca35c53c1a 2.3.3 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera 0a86c10326 Version bump and clean up. 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera c932d7403d Merge commit 'c8fcbc125635b474d0d638359d1a0936877ac8f8' 1 year ago
Misa b667e44bcf Don't use `map.extrarow` for menu animations 1 year ago
Misa 70d3c999be Only reset fade booleans when music is actually played 1 year ago
Ethan Lee 6f315af42d Updated .ico 1 year ago
Ethan Lee c8fcbc1256 2.3.2 1 year ago
Misa a302692ab2 Add message when player is kicked out of Super Gravitron 1 year ago
Misa a59e9d51db gamemode(teleporter): Set gamestate to GAMEMODE 1 year ago
Misa 82971296c2 Prevent user-initiated map menu changes during menu animations 1 year ago
Misa 4ecec8a327 Call teleporterrenderfixed in TELEPORTERMODE 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera 720c4013ea Updated version number 1 year ago
Nichole Mattera 16dee2c1c7 Merge tag '2.3.1' 1 year ago