123 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nichole Mattera b675ddeb82 Update the way reboot to payload works. 8 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 1650cc6148 Fixed to work on latest libnx. 8 months ago
  Nichole Mattera f3e77cffde Added back Swurl not as a submodule. 9 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 2d8939e09d Removed Swurl as a submodule. 9 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 0f13ad59b0 Made Kosmos Updater work off of the Github API. 9 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 26d9f214b7 Update to latest. 9 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 60518aabbc Update copyright. 9 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 4194899793 Incremented version number to build with latest libnx. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 6005ba3290 Update name in copyright. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera ce17603bc0 Fixed bug with app update. Fixed bug with configs out of sync. Updated submodules. Increased version number. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera a77618a0dd Update dependencies, check if submodules exist, and auto build dependencies. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 17f1893259 Make ccache optional so support for building on systems without ccache will still work. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera c9e5c185a5 Merge pull request #35 from fennectech/patch-2 1 year ago
  FennecTECH 4814c7709b Update Makefile 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 70921cde3b Fix the icon to work with any directory name. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 50c0752585 Fixed sys-ftpd config path. Switched to HTTPS for web traffic. Added setting to track if the user is ignoring config files. Added config migration with config versioning. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera d3ce6549ff Add ftpd in the config folder as well. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 8cd032c324 Added ability to ignore config files. Fixed ignore file option had to start with"sdmc://". 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 7aea58e84f Remove multi-threaded code as it was causing crashes. Added ability to force a render. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera b84eec7eb7 Switching to use Swurl for web requests. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 2513203218 Added submodules. Made FileManager use SimpleIniParser. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 1eee89f63a Cleaned up namespaces. Removed ES Patches, Bundles, and Channels. Removed sound due to dependency issue. Removed minizip from code to use devkitPro's minizip library. Increased version number. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera c4a5ce2c6c Updated for latest DKP and small changes I forgot to commit. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera ba5a4b8f26 Fix stable version numbers longer than 7 characters. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera cb69e958be Passcode View completed. Download ES Patches if enabled or they already exists. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera d24dd2f422 Fix issues. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera afa8f34106 Added validation of the passcode and setting of config when passcode is correct. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 46ae6c31ee Update copyright. Added passcode view. Added force_es_patches to internal file. Have the passcode view show up when holding down X for 2 seconds. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 91fbb1271b Changed from "nogc" to "autonogc". 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 4bbf442a71 Merge pull request #21 from null-device/master 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 3d4fa81308 It would definately be a good idea to test what I push out. Maybe... 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera da2231a30e Up the version number to 3.0.4. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera c5383b1440 Move the socket code outside if DEBUG is defined. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera dca6800e01 Move channel, bundle, and version from the config file to internal db file. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera b551b3aa29 Apply global nogc to Hekate config. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera 0735557d55 Improved assets. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera afb6a2cd01 New icon in the app and removed the white borders on the bottom and right side of the main icon. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 0b028145a7 Update the makefile and up the version number. 2 years ago
  null-device 897e424671 Fix typo in ExFatWarningScene 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera d198bfea6a Merge pull request #20 from AtlasNX/Icon-PR 2 years ago
  tumGER 5bbeadd3c1 Update Icon 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera f589965016 Change iterators to ranges. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 80c147f9f2 Extract empty files. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera b161faccb8 Increased version number. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera f3e0f4a58d When checking for if there is an update it will actually check if you are on a newer version than what is on the server. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 70fad528be Remove passing type to the package endpoint. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 9133ce4b14 Handle HTTP status codes that are not 200. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera ba91724ca0 Remove the hekate bundle. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 6a8f6d6fa7 Increased the patch version number. 2 years ago
  Nichole Mattera 965397fe0b Moved to it's own server. 2 years ago