26 Commits (203740be7ca24b8fd2c85c45fb46b0b4d58bf7fb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nichole Mattera 66fd5ff8c7 Add back in speak and remove restrictions on memes. 3 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 84b10dc7cf Strip Komet of all of it's useful stuff and leave all the cringe and memes. 4 months ago
  Nichole Mattera bc1666dcd1 Added verification cog that uses the rules from lists. 8 months ago
  Lucy b151ac2648
I am silly 8 months ago
  Lucy a06c068cfd
Add modmail config 8 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 705c99c3d2 Limited to just list channels. Changed to embeds with a link. Added shortcut commands. 11 months ago
  Nichole Mattera c128d48f15
Lists management cog. 11 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 917da7f882 Add ability to link to support-faq. 1 year ago
  Nichole Mattera d5f1a87b9b Removed checks for kek roles. 1 year ago
  Somebody Whoisbored f93c3805df Add sanity check to purge command (#7) 1 year ago
  friedkeenan 9f98b9e987 Allow kek roles to use .bs (#4) 1 year ago
  tumGER 4a102c069b update source_url 1 year ago
  roblabla 1fe7e21986 Implement gist-based pinboard - creates a gist for each channel that allows user pins 1 year ago
  roblabla 4e0e26b1f9 Add invite correlation system 1 year ago
  Robin Lambertz 3400b94c7c Generic changes (#26) 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 5a798d5bf4
invitespy: don't hardcode channel id 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 2a6b9f24e5
Make config template clearer 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal df82e6268d
Add a new type of log channels: modlog 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 47a4aeb4f6
BREAKING: Add channel cleaning and deleted/edited message logging 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal e651490a34
verification: Add a sleep after footer messages too 2 years ago
  WerWolv 2a2979e640
Added default_named_role to the config 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 297a3156bf
userinfo: Show userlog embed also 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 48a22c5fa8
Push some stuff I forgot to push 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 203761856e
remind: add cooldowns; also add botlog channel 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal e148e04a87
Drop requirement for the first whitelisted guild to be the one 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 2b50f56fe7
restrictions: Don't rely on role names, use role ids instead 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal af446f4cfd
Add "Robocop has started! x has y members!" 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 7aa19fae41
restrictions: implement 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 15bb78a252
mute/unmute: added 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 8c32a99f3d
approve/revoke/addhacker/removehacker/probate/unprobate: Re-make and 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 0a6fc96246
str -> int 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal e250bacf1a
tiny config fixes 2 years ago
  tumGER 832524eb56 Implement lock 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal f06b8b8cb5
logging: Add logging! 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal b67ddda4f1
robocop: add robocop command 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal fc7c0f89d6
Add verification 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 3a9e5e490d
reset: Added reset command 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal ca9c4e063d
ban/kick: fix them, and add silentban 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 5a2d2053d2
Tiiny syntax improvement 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 3f3147bf17
Get membercount and rules commands done 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 7186746075
config: Actually populate role ids with real roles 2 years ago
  Ave Ozkal 74f4c11f28
Switch to .py config 2 years ago