42 Commits (main)

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  Nichole Mattera 84b10dc7cf Strip Komet of all of it's useful stuff and leave all the cringe and memes. 2 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 8da570899b Allow mod mail to work through DMs. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 0ab8b558bb Lets make everything require being verified. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 8767d561fc Well everyone who got a warn in the past 24 hours just got a free pass. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 09ed3b4833 Added a way for users to mark that they no longer need help. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera 5a6d9086ba I should really test after every change. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera d6a0922dc5 Added user feedback, rate limiting, and spam prevention. 6 months ago
  Nichole Mattera aa0d84a743 Removed the meme. 7 months ago
  Nichole Mattera d5f1a87b9b Removed checks for kek roles. 10 months ago
  friedkeenan 9f98b9e987 Allow kek roles to use .bs (#4) 1 year ago
  tumGER 26783fd638 Update errcodes.py 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal bbeaa8049e
Solve DM issues 1 year ago
  tumGER 95dd99118b forgot a comma 1 year ago
  tumGER ef040aea5f A comma a day keeps the doctor away 1 year ago
  tumGER 71237ce981 Update errc 1 year ago
  tumGER 68dfc9fbda errcode update (Thanks to Simon, Xor, Roothorick and many more) 1 year ago
  jakibaki 76e4fe57c7 We're atlasnx. Everything is ot. 1 year ago
  tumGER d3b6161f16 Update errcodes.py 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 921ab28190
logs-spy: ignore messages by staff 1 year ago
  roblabla 4e0e26b1f9 Add invite correlation system 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 4734df7b48
Various improvements 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 4a762bbafd
Fix up 0x0 a bit? 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal d246e2f6ec
Implement #22 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal f7b8dee6cd
Extend 0x0 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 19a0bffbc0
Add 0x0 errorcode 1 year ago
  tumGER f83c47fab8 [ERR] Sync with switchbrew wiki 1 year ago
  tumGER 0a045c9f61 [ERR] Split the command in 3 commands 1 year ago
  tomGER d5cf2b5a96
The bot is truly running in the 90s 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal d1aa886213
Add memory training to make bot run faster. 1 year ago
  tomGER 496b5e1070
BREAKING: Never buy green paprika! 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal a46576c66a
dammit tom 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 707b77e0d2
Allow fun commands to be used in #bot-cmds 1 year ago
  tomGER c1b1d73f6a
Update errcodes.py 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 48a22c5fa8
Push some stuff I forgot to push 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal d9776ecba9
Robocronp: Add robocronp and some timed commands 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 77f43caca9
Restrictions: Significantly clean up code 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 91dd17e967
Rename warnsv2.json to userlog.py 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 6a8819a2a8
Massive cleanup of code, many new features 1 year ago
  Ave Ozkal 338aa80c58
Move checks and errcodes to a new folder called helpers 1 year ago