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Next-gen rewrite of Kurisu/Robocop bot used on ReSwitched bot with rewrite, designed to be clean, fast and un-bloated.

Code is based on and

How to run

  • Copy to, configure all necessary parts to your server.
  • Install python3.6+.
  • Install python dependencies (pip3 install -Ur requirements.txt, you might need to put sudo -H before that)
  • Run (python3

To keep the bot running, you might want to use pm2 or a systemd service.



List of added kurisu/robocop features

- [x] .py configs - [x] membercount command - [x] Meme commands and pegaswitch (honestly the easiest part) - [x] source command - [x] robocop command - [x] Verification: Actual verification system - [x] Verification: Reset command - [x] Logging: joins - [x] Logging: leaves - [x] Logging: role changes - [x] Logging: bans - [x] Logging: kicks - [x] Moderation: speak - [x] Moderation: ban - [x] Moderation: silentban - [x] Moderation: kick - [x] Moderation: userinfo - [x] Moderation: approve-revoke (community) - [x] Moderation: addhacker-removehacker (hacker) - [x] Moderation: probate-unprobate (participant) - [x] Moderation: lock-softlock-unlock (channel lockdown) - [x] Moderation: mute-unmute - [x] Moderation: playing - [x] Moderation: botnickname - [x] Moderation: nickname - [x] Moderation: clear/purge - [x] Moderation: restrictions (people who leave with muted role will get muted role on join) - [x] Warns: warn - [x] Warns: listwarns-listwarnsid - [x] Warns: clearwarns-clearwarnsid - [x] Warns: delwarnid-delwarn - [x] .serr and .err (thanks tomger!)

Main goal of this project is to get Robocop functionality done, secondary goal is adding new features. The following entries are secondary, less "urgent" goals:

Thanks to

  • ReSwitched community, for being amazing
  • ihaveamac and f916253 for the original kurisu/robocop
  • tomGER for working hard on rewriting the .err/.serr commands, those were a nightmare
  • misson20000 for adding in reaction removal feature and putting up with my many BS requests on PR reviews