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import time
import discord
from discord.ext import commands
from discord.ext.commands import Cog
import random
import re
class Roll:
_roll_regex = None
def __init__(self, roll_definition):
matches = self.roll_regex().match(roll_definition)
if matches is None:
raise ValueError
_, name, _, times, die, modifier = matches.groups() = name
self.times = int(times) if times is not None else 1
self.modifier = int(modifier) if modifier is not None else 0
if die is None:
raise ValueError
self.die = int(die)
def roll_regex(cls):
if cls._roll_regex is None:
cls._roll_regex = re.compile(r"((.*):)?((\d+)?d)?(\d+)([+-]\d+)?")
return cls._roll_regex
def execute(self):
if self.times != 1:
result = ""
total = 0
for i in range(self.times):
value = random.randint(1, self.die) + self.modifier
result += f"{value}, "
total += value
return f"{result[0:-2]} (Total: {total})"
return str(random.randint(1, self.die) + self.modifier)
class Basic(Cog):
def __init__(self, bot): = bot
async def membercount(self, ctx):
"""Prints the member count of the server."""
await ctx.send(f"{} has " f"{ctx.guild.member_count} members!")
async def ping(self, ctx):
"""Shows ping values to discord.
RTT = Round-trip time, time taken to send a message to discord
GW = Gateway Ping"""
before = time.monotonic()
tmp = await ctx.send("Calculating ping...")
after = time.monotonic()
rtt_ms = (after - before) * 1000
gw_ms = * 1000
message_text = (
f":ping_pong:\n" f"rtt: `{rtt_ms:.1f}ms`\n" f"gw: `{gw_ms:.1f}ms`"
await tmp.edit(content=message_text)
async def roll(self, ctx, *, rolls):
"""Rolls a die"""
sanitized_rolls = re.sub(r"[, ]+", " ", rolls)
rollList = sanitized_rolls.split()
embed = discord.Embed(color=0x2196F3, title=f"{} Rolls")
for index, roll in enumerate(rollList):
rollObj = Roll(roll)
if is None:
name=f"Roll {index + 1}", value=rollObj.execute(), inline=False
embed.add_field(, value=rollObj.execute(), inline=False
embed = discord.Embed(
description="The following formats are supported: 'Name:4d2', '2d6', 'd20', '3'",
title="An incorrect format was passed into the roll command.",
text="You can also pass more than one roll at a time by separating them with a space or comma."
await ctx.send(embed=embed)
await ctx.send(embed=embed)
def setup(bot):