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Improve steps for people moving from kurisu or robocop

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@ -12,11 +12,20 @@ Code is based on and
- Copy `` to ``, configure all necessary parts to your server.
- Install python3.6+.
- Install python dependencies (`pip3 install -Ur requirements.txt`, you might need to put `sudo -H` before that)
- If you're moving from Kurisu or Robocop: Follow `Tips for people moving from Kurisu/Robocop` below.
- Run `` (`python3`)
To keep the bot running, you might want to use pm2 or a systemd service.
If you're moving from Kurisu/Robocop, you'll want to copy your `data` folder over. Make sure to rename your `warnsv2.json` file to `userlog.json`.
## Tips for people moving from Kurisu/Robocop
If you're moving from Kurisu/Robocop, and want to preserve your data, you'll want to do the following steps:
- Copy your `data` folder over.
- Rename your `data/warnsv2.json` file to `data/userlog.json`.
- Edit `data/restrictions.json` and replace role names (`"Muted"` etc) with role IDs (`526500080879140874` etc). Make sure to have it as int, not as str (don't wrap role id with `"` or `'`).
@ -91,3 +100,4 @@ Main goal of this project is to get Robocop functionality done, secondary goal i
- ihaveamac and f916253 for the original kurisu/robocop
- tomGER for working hard on rewriting the .err/.serr commands, those were a nightmare
- misson20000 for adding in reaction removal feature and putting up with my many BS requests on PR reviews