Chocolate Doom for the Nintendo Switch
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This is Chocolate Doom’s “to do” list. Note that this is kind of an arbitrary and unstructured wish list of features and improvements. The bug tracker ( has more feature requests.

  • Multiplayer:
    • Use UPnP to automatically configure port forwarding for NATed networks.
    • Multiplayer options and configuration file (server name, etc)
  • Improve multiplayer startup:
    • Select an IWAD automatically from the server’s game type rather than all players having to specify -iwad.
    • Send list of WADs to load instead of all clients having to specify -file.
    • Same applies to dehacked patches and wad merging parameters.
  • Portability improvements:
    • Test on and fix for architectures where ((-2) >> 1) != -1
    • Use size-specific types (eg. int32_t instead of int)
    • Don’t make structure packing assumptions when loading levels.
    • Port to every OS and architecture under the sun
    • Port to Emscripten and release a web-based version.
  • Video capture mode
    • Real-time recording of gameplay
    • Batch conversion of demos into videos
  • Heretic/Hexen/Strife:
    • Merge r_draw.c to common version and delete duplicates
    • Heretic v1.2 emulation (if possible)
    • Hexen v1.0 emulation (if possible/necessary)
    • Strife v1.1 emulation (for demo IWAD support)
    • Screensaver mode

Crazy pie in the sky ideas:

  • Automatic WAD installer - download and run TCs from a list automatically (automating the current “instructions on wiki” system).
  • Textscreen interface to the Compet-N database: menu driven system to automatically download and play speedruns.
  • DWANGO-like interface for finding players and setting up games.