Chocolate Doom for the Nintendo Switch
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  • The 0 and 5 keys on the number pad can now be bound independently of any other keyboard key. (thanks BlooD2ool)
  • Man page generation has been reworked to use autoconf macro substitution, making it eaiser for downstream forks to change the project name. (thanks Jon)
  • Several functions have been hardened against incomplete reads and error conditions, and made safer. (thanks turol)
  • We now print a meaningful error message when a savegame cannot be loaded. (thanks Zodomaniac, chungy)
  • Fixed an exception thrown by the Windows kernel when debugging with GDB. (thanks AXDOOMER)
  • With aspect ratio correction disabled, the game can scale to any arbitrary size and remove all black borders in full screen mode. (thanks chungy)

Build systems

  • CMake has been added along with the deprecation of Microsoft Visual Studio files. CMake maintains support for multiple versions of Visual Studio as well as additional IDEs, and reduces developer overhead when updating Chocolate Doom. (thanks AlexMax)


  • Map33 intermission screen and map33-map35 automap names are emulated. (thanks CapnClever)


  • ACS code has been hardened against potential security vulnerabilities.

3.0.0 (2017-12-30)

Chocolate Doom 3.0 is a new major revision. The main change is that the codebase has been ported to SDL 2.0. This brings a number of benefits, although there have also been some other minor changes (all listed below).

Huge thanks go to the entire Chocolate Doom team for working on the port to SDL2, and to all the testers who have found and reported bugs during its development.


  • All screen scaling is now performed in hardware, meaning that the game can run in arbitrary window sizes in high quality. It can also scale to very large resolutions sizes without using large amounts of CPU or suffering degraded performance (thanks Fabian).
  • It is now possible to switch between windowed and full screen modes while the game is running by pressing alt + enter (thanks Jon)
  • Windows binaries now ship with several previously-optional DLLs. This means it is now possible to take PNG screenshots and to use digital music packs (FLAC/Ogg Vorbis formats).
  • The game now remembers your preferred monitor and will start on the same monitor you were using the last time you played. Windows appear centered on the screen.
  • The OS X launcher was tweaked somewhat, and now uses proper path controls for choosing files. FreeDM was added as an IWAD.
  • Configuration files on Mac OS X and Unix are now stored in locations compliant with the XDG standard (thanks chungy):
    • On Unix: ~/.local/share/chocolate-doom/
    • On OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/chocolate-doom/
  • Icons when the game is running are now a higher resolution.
  • Keyboard input is improved and uses the new SDL input API; on systems with on-screen keyboards, this should activate the on-screen keyboard when it is appropriate.
  • Menu navigation with the joystick is now much more practical, and it’s possible to bind a joystick axis to look up/down in games which support it (thanks Jon, Wintermute0110).
  • Several command line options were removed that were judged to be useless: -grabmouse, -novert and -nonovert. The mouse grabbing and novert settings can still be configured in the setup tool.
  • There is no longer any option in the setup tool to specify a screen resolution, since in full screen mode the game just runs at the desktop resolution without changing screen modes. If necessary, the config file options fullscreen_width and fullscreen_height can be used to explicitly set a screen resolution.
  • There is no longer a soft dependency on Zenity on Unix systems; the SDL API is now used to display error dialogs.
  • Joysticks are identified more precisely using GUID now.
  • A new parameter, -savedir allows users to specify a directory from which to load and save games. (thanks CapnClever)
  • The midiproc code from Eternity Engine has been imported, improving native MIDI playback on Windows and fixing a long-standing bug with music volume adjustment (thanks AlexMax, Quasar).
  • VGA “porch” emulation was added (thanks Jon).
  • The codebase now compiles with OpenWatcom (thanks Stephen Finniss).


  • The GOG install of Doom 3: BFG Edition is now detected (thanks chungy)
  • A -shorttics command line parameter was added that simulates recording a vanilla demo without actually recording a demo.


  • The CD audio option for music playback has been removed; the CD playback API has been removed from SDL 2.0. However, it is possible to use digital music packs as an alternative.


  • voices.wad is now correctly loaded before PWADs (thanks @Catoptromancy)


  • On OS X on machines with retina displays, text screens are rendered using a high detail font.
  • File selector widgets now look more visually distinctive.
  • There is now a convenience widget for conditionally hiding widgets.
  • Font handling was restructured to be based around PNG format fonts which are converted during the build and can be more easily edited.
  • Handling of code pages was cleaned up, so it is easier to change the code to work with a different code page now.
  • Lots of the UI code was changed to use UTF-8 strings.
  • File extensions when using the Zenity file selector are now case insensitive (thanks Jon).

2.3.0 (2016-12-29)


  • Bash completion scripts are included (thanks Fabian)
  • The OS X launcher now supports the .lmp file format (thanks Jon)
  • Pitch-shifting from early versions of Doom, Heretic, and Hexen. is now supported (thanks Jon)
  • Aspect ratio-corrected 1600×1200 PNGs are now written (thanks Jon)
  • OPL emulation is more accurate (thanks Nuke.YKT)
  • DMX bugs with GUS cards are now better emulated (thanks Nuke.YKT)
  • The disk activity floppy disk icon is now shown (thanks Fabian, Jon)
  • Checksum calculations are fixed on big endian systems, allowing multiplayer games to be played in mixed little/big-endian environments (thanks GhostlyDeath, njankowski)
  • The NES30, SNES30, and SFC30 gamepads are detected and configured automatically by the Setup tool. The automap can also be configured to a joystick button (thanks Jon)
  • The vanilla limit of 4046 lumps per WAD is now enforced (thanks Jon, Quasar, Edward-san)
  • Solidsegs overflow is emulated like in vanilla (thanks Quasar)
  • Multiple capitalizations are now tried when searching for WAD files, for convenience when running on case sensitive filesystems (thanks Fabian).
  • A new command line argument, -strictdemos, was added, to allow more careful control over demo format extensions. Such extensions are now forbidden in WAD files and warning messages are shown.

Build systems

  • There is better compatibility with BSD Make (thanks R.Rebello)
  • ./configure --with-PACKAGE checks were repaired to behave logically, rather than disabling the feature (thanks R.Rebello)
  • Games are now installed to ${bindir} by default, eg. /usr/local/bin, rather than /usr/local/games (thanks chungy)
  • Visual Studio 2015 is now supported (thanks Azarien)
  • SDL headers and libraries can now exist in the Microsoft Visual Studio project directory (thanks Quasar)
  • CodeBlocks projects were repaired by removing non-existent files from the project files (thanks krystalgamer)


  • Chex Quest’s level warp cheat (LEESNYDER##) now behaves more like like the original EXE (thanks Nuke.YKT)
  • It’s now possible to start multiplayer Chex Quest games.
  • Freedoom: Phase 1 <= 0.10.1 can now be loaded with mods, with -gameversion older than ultimate (thanks Fabian, chungy)
  • The IWAD order preference for installs matches vanilla Final Doom: doom2, plutonia, tnt, doom (thanks chungy)
  • There are better safety checks against write failures when saving a game, such as when the directory is read-only (thanks terrorcide)
  • Versions 1.666, 1.7, and 1.8 are emulated (thanks Nuke.YKT)
  • Crashes are now handled more gracefully when a linedef references nonexistent sidedefs (thanks Fabian)


  • Map names were added for Episode 6, fixing a crash after completing a level in this episode (thanks J.Benaim)
  • Support for unlimited demo/savegames was added (thanks CapnClever)
  • Demo support is expanded: -demoextend allows demos to last longer than a single level; -shortticfix adjusts low-resolution turning to match Doom’s handling, and there is now -maxdemo and -longtics support (thanks CapnClever)


  • The MRJONES cheat code returns an identical string to vanilla, and enables fully reproducible builds (thanks Fabian)
  • An issue was fixed where the game crashed while killing the Wraithverge in 64-bit builds (thanks J.Benaim)
  • Support for unlimited demo/savegames was added (thanks CapnClever)
  • Mouse buttons for strafe left/right and move backward were added, as well as a “Double click acts as use” mouse option (thanks CapnClever)
  • Demo support is expanded: -demoextend allows demos to last longer than a single level; -shortticfix adjusts low-resolution turning to match Doom’s handling, and there is now -maxdemo and -longtics support (thanks CapnClever)


  • Support was added for automatic loading of the IWAD from the release of Strife: Veteran Edition on Windows (thanks chungy)
  • Jumping can now be bound to a mouse button (thanks Gez)
  • Gibbing logic was changed to match vanilla behavior (thanks Quasar)
  • Several constants differences from vanilla were fixed (thanks Nuke.YKT, Quasar)
  • When using -iwad, voices.wad from the IWAD’s directory is prefered over auto-detected DOS/Steam/ installs (thanks Quasar)


  • The API for creating and managing tables and columns was simplified.
  • It’s now possible to cycle through tables with the tab key.
  • Windows can now have multiple columns.

2.2.1 (2015-09-10)

Chocolate Doom has not seen a great deal of “stable” patch releases in its history. While the development tree sees major new features and changes, the purpose of this release, and hopefully others to follow like it, is to repair some deficiencies that existed in 2.2.0.


  • Preferences for the OS X launcher are now stored with a unique name to not conflict with other applications. (thanks Xeriphas1994)
  • Unix desktop entry files are now brought up to full desktop entry specification compliance. (thanks chungy, Fabian)
  • Unix AppData entries are now included, allowing software centers to display detailed information about the engines. (thanks chungy)
  • Partial XDG base directory specification compliance on Unix systems now exist to search for IWAD paths. One benefit is that $HOME/.local/share/games/doom is now a valid location to store and automatically find IWADs. (thanks chungy)

Build systems

  • The Microsoft Visual Studio build system was not fully functional in 2.2.0 and has been fixed. (thanks Linguica)
  • The autoconf build system checks for windres only for Windows toolchains. Some Linux distributions mistakingly include the program in their native toolchains. (thanks Fabian)
  • A compiler hint for packed structs has been added, which otherwise broke the games when built under recent GCC releases for Windows. (thanks Fabian)


  • The releases of The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom are now detected and supported on Windows. (thanks chungy)
  • An integer overflow was used in spawn angle calculation, undefined C behavior which broke with Clang optimization. (thanks David Majnemer for insight)

Setup tool

  • The help URL for the level warp menu now points to the proper wiki page, rather than the multiplayer page.
  • The manifest has been updated for Windows 10 compatibility. (thanks chungy)

2.2.0 (2015-06-09)

  • The Hexen four level demo IWAD is now supported. Thanks to Fabian Greffrath for his careful investigation and emulation of the demo game’s behavior in developing this.
  • OPL music playback has been improved in a number of ways to match the behavior of Vanilla Doom’s DMX library much more closely. OPL3 playback is also now supported. Thanks go to Alexey Khokholov for his excellent research into the Vanilla DMX library that enabled these improvements.
  • New gamepad configurations:
    • PS4 DualShock 4 (thanks Matt “3nT” Davis).
    • Xbox One controller on Linux (thanks chungy).
    • “Super Joy Box 7” USB/PC gameport adapter.
  • The Doom reload hack has been added back. See the wiki for more context on this:
  • The IWAD file from Strife: Veteran Edition is now detected automatically (thanks chungy).
  • It’s now possible to build outside of the source directory (thanks Dave Murphy).
  • MSVC project files were brought up to date (thanks dbrackett16).
  • M_StringDuplicate() has been added as a safer replacement for strdup() (thanks Quasar). M_StringCopy() now handles short buffers more gracefully.
  • The netgame discrepancy window is now dismissed by pressing enter to proceed, not escape (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • A couple of source files that were in the previous release and were GPL3 have been replaced by GPL2 equivalents. Previous releases that included these files should be retroactively considered GPL3.

Bug fixes

  • A long-standing bug that could cause every display frame to be rendered twice was fixed (thanks Linguica, Harha, Alexandre- Xavier).
  • Lots of endianness fixes were integrated that were found by Ronald Lasmanowicz during development of his Wii port of Chocolate Doom, including a fix for a bug that could cause monsters to become partially invisible.
  • DeHackEd files without a newline character at the EOF are now correctly parsed (thanks Fabian).
  • An infinite loop that could occur in the weapon cycling code was fixed (thanks raithe, Fabian).
  • Mouse input triggered by cursor warp was fixed (thanks Super6-4).
  • Loop tags in substitute music files are ignored if both of the loop tags are equal to zero. This makes us consistent with other source ports that support the tags.
  • It’s now possible to more conveniently play back demo .lmp files with names that end in the all-caps “.LMP” (thanks Ioan Chera).
  • Some code that accessed memory after freeing it was fixed. Two new parameters, -zonezero and -zonescan, were added to try to help detect these cases.
  • Mistaken assumptions about representations of booleans that affected some ARM systems were fixed (thanks floppes).
  • memcpy() uses on overlapping memory were changed to use memmove(), fixing abort traps on OpenBSD (thanks ryan-sg).
  • Hyphens in manpages were fixed (thanks chungy, Fabian).
  • Lots of compiler build warnings were fixed (thanks Fabian).

Setup tool

  • The setup tool now has help buttons for its various different screens, which link to articles on the wiki that give more information (thanks to chungy for helping to put the wiki pages together).
  • A fix was applied for a buffer overrun that could occur if the user had lots of IWAD files installed (thanks Fabian).
  • A crash related to username lookup was fixed.
  • It’s now possible to connect via the setup tool to multiplayer servers that are not listening on the default port (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).


  • Sky transitions when emulating the id anthology version of the Final Doom executable were fixed (thanks Alexandre-Xavier, Fabian, chungy).
  • Structure fields in the stair-building functions were fixed to be deterministic, fixing a desync in mm09-512.lmp (thanks Fabian).


  • A bug with texture names that had long names was fixed (thanks ETTiNGRiNDER).
  • Minotaur spawn time is now stored in little endian format, fixing a bug that affected compatibility with Vanilla savegames on big endian systems.
  • Code that starts ACS scripts is no longer compiler-dependent.

Strife (all these are thanks to Quasar)

  • Sound priority was changed, so that the ticking sound that Stalker enemies make while active matches Vanilla behavior (thanks GeoffLedak).
  • Minor fixes to game behavior to match Vanilla, discovered during development of Strife: Veteran edition.
  • Behavior of descending stairs was fixed to match Vanilla.
  • Inventory items beyond the 8-bit range are now allowed in netgames.
  • Automap behavior better matches Vanilla now.
  • Multiplayer name changes were fixed.
  • Sound origin behavior for switches was fixed.
  • Teleport beacon behavior was fixed.
  • Default Strife skill level and screen size were changed to match Vanilla.
  • Bug was fixed where Rowan would not always take Beldin’s ring.
  • Totally-invisible objects are now displayed correctly, and a Vanilla glitch with Shadow Acolytes is correctly emulated.
  • The level name for MAP29 (Entity’s Lair) was fixed (thanks chungy).


  • The main loop now exits immediately once all windows are closed (thanks Alexander-Xavier).
  • The large font is no longer selected based entirely on screen size.

2.1.0 (2014-10-22)

Chocolate Doom now supports high-quality substitute music packs that are used in place of the original MIDI music tracks. I’m hoping to put together high-quality recordings of the music for all supported games using the Roland SC-55 synthesizer originally used to compose Doom’s music (thanks twipley and MusicallyInspired).

Support for joysticks and gamepads has been significantly improved in this version. Most gamepads should now work; if they don’t, please report a bug. A number of gamepads are now automatically detected and configured automatically; if yours is not, you can help by sending in details. See the following page:

OPL MIDI playback has been significantly improved, and problems with most tracks should now be resolved. Multi-track MIDI files now play back properly, MIDI tempo meta events are now supported and problems with stuttering when playing certain tracks have been fixed. If you still have problems with OPL playback, let me know.

Also of note is that Chocolate Doom now has a document that describes the philosophy of the project and the reasoning behind its design (see PHILOSOPHY distributed with the source).

Other new features

  • There is now a -dehlump command line parameter to load Dehacked files contained inside WAD files (thanks Fabian Greffrath).
  • PNG format screenshots are now supported, and there is a dedicated key binding for taking screenshots without needing to always use -devparm (thanks Fabian Greffrath). The PrintScreen key can be used as a key binding (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • There is now a config file variable (snd_maxslicetime_ms) to control the sound buffer size, and the default is more precise to reduce sound latency (thanks Holering).
  • You can now use an external command for music playback (thanks Holering).
  • All games now detect if you’re tring to play using the wrong type of IWAD (doom.wad with Hexen, etc.) and exit with a helpful error message. A couple of users made this mistake after the 2.0 release introduced support for the new games.
  • The OS X app now associates with .hhe and .seh files.
  • There is now a -nodes parameter that automatically starts a netgame when a desired number of players have joined the game.
  • There is now more extensive documentation about music configuration (README.Music).
  • On Linux, a GUI pop-up is used when the game quits with an error to show the error message (thanks Willy Barro).
  • There are now Linux .desktop files for all supported games (thanks Mike Swanson).
  • The -geometry command line parameter can now be used to specify fullscreen or windowed modes, eg. -geometry 640x480w or -geometry 1024x768f. (thanks Mike Swanson)


  • Minor workarounds were added to allow the BFG Edition IWADs to be used without crashing the game (thanks Fabian Greffrath).
  • GUS patch files included with the BFG Edition are now automatically detected.
  • The “no fog on spawn west” Vanilla bug is now correctly emulated (thanks xttl).
  • Behavior of older versions of Doom back to v1.666 can now be emulated.
  • The new Freedoom IWAD names are now recognized and supported.
  • Freedoom’s DEHACKED lump can now be parsed and is automatically loaded when a Freedoom IWAD file is used (thanks Fabian Greffrath). A new command line parameter, -nodeh, can be used to prevent this from being loaded.
  • Behavior of the M_EPI4 menu item is now correctly emulated based on game version (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • IDCLEV up to MAP40 is now supported, to match Vanilla (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • Level warping on the command line (-warp) to episodes higher than 4 is possible, matching Vanilla behavior (thanks plumsinus).
  • The -cdrom command line parameter writes savegames to the correct directory now, matching Vanilla Doom behavior (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • The Doom II mission pack to use can now be specified manually on the command line with the -pack parameter (thanks chungy)


  • Weapon cycling keys for mouse and joystick were fixed (thanks Sander van Dijk).
  • The -timedemo parameter has been fixed, and -playdemo now handles full paths correctly.
  • A bug when panning the map was fixed (thanks Chris Fielder).
  • A savegame bug where plat_t structures were not restored correctly was fixed (thanks romeroyakovlev).
  • Rebinding of the pause key was fixed (thanks Fabian Greffrath).


  • Music workarounds have been added so that it is possible to play using the Mac version of the Hexen IWAD file.
  • Weapon cycling keys for mouse and joystick were fixed (thanks Sander van Dijk).
  • The -timedemo parameter has been fixed, and -playdemo now handles full paths correctly.
  • There are now key bindings to allow the artifact keys to be rebound (thanks Fabian Greffrath).
  • Rebinding of the pause key was fixed (thanks Fabian Greffrath).
  • Maximum level number was extended to MAP60, allowing multiplayer games using the Deathkings add-on.
  • The startup screen can now be aborted by pressing escape, like in Vanilla.
  • Desync when playing back DEMO1 was fixed (thanks alexey.lysiuk).


  • “Show mission” key is configured properly in setup (thanks Sander van Dijk).
  • Default music volume level now matches Vanilla (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • Teleport beacon allegiance was fixed to match Vanilla (thanks Quasar).
  • The stair building code now more closely matches Vanilla (thanks Quasar).
  • Torpedo weapon changing behavior now matches Vanilla (thanks Quasar).


  • The copyright headers at the top of all source files have been vastly simplified.
  • Unsafe string functions have been eliminated from the codebase. Thanks to Theo de Raadt for calling out Chocolate Doom by name (alongside many other packages) for still using unsafe functions like strcpy:
  • vldoor_e enum values are now namespaced to avoid potential conflicts with POSIX standard functions.

Bug fixes

  • WAD and Dehacked checksums are now sent to clients and checked correctly when setting up netgames.
  • A bug was fixed that caused sound not to work in multiplayer games (thanks to everyone who reported this, and for Alexandre-Xavier and Quasar for help in fixing it).
  • The “D_DDTBLU disease” bug affecting certain MIDI files has been fixed (thanks plumsinus, Brad Harding and Quasar).
  • Calculation of the -devparm “ticker” dots was fixed to match Vanilla behavior (thanks bruce and Alexandre-Xavier).
  • The PC speaker code now supports the full range of sound frequencies (thanks Gez).
  • Annoying “jumping” behavior when grabbing the mouse cursor was fixed.
  • The screen is now initialized at the native bit depth by default, to avoid problems with systems that don’t handle 8-bit screenbuffers very well any more.
  • The --docdir argument to the configure script is now honored (thanks Jan Engelhardt).
  • Various issues with the build were fixed (thanks Jan Engelhardt and Fabian Greffrath).
  • Backwards parameters were fixed in the sound code (thanks proteal).
  • A crash was fixed when running fullscreen with the -2 parameter (thanks Fabian Greffrath).
  • A crash when using large values of snd_channels was fixed (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • A resource leak in the BSD PC speaker code was fixed (thanks Edward-san).
  • Windows resource files were fixed for Windows 7 (thanks Brad Harding).
  • A hard to trigger crash caused by a realloc() in the WAD code was fixed (thanks Fabian Greffrath for debugging).
  • A bug has been fixed where Chocolate Doom would stay running in the background on Windows after quitting. SDL_Quit() is called now (thanks johnsirett, Brad Harding, Quasar).
  • String replacements in dehacked lumps can now be overridden if a subsequent dehacked patch replaces the same string.


  • Clicking on scrollbars now jumps to the correct position (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).
  • A use-after-free bug has been fixed where a click in a window that causes the window to close could lead to a crash (thanks DuClare).
  • Characters that are unprintable in the Extended ASCII chart are just ignored when they’re typed, rather than appearing as an upside-down question mark (thanks Alexandre-Xavier).

2.0.0 (2013-12-09)

This is version 2.0 of Chocolate Doom! This new major version is released to celeberate the 20th anniversary of the first release of Doom in 1993. Happy Birthday Doom!

This new version has some major changes compared to the 1.0 series:

  • The codebase now includes Chocolate Heretic and Chocolate Hexen. These are based on the GPL source code released by Raven Software.
  • Also included is Chocolate Strife. This was developed through a mammoth four year reverse engineering project conducted by James “Quasar” Haley and Samuel “Kaiser” Villareal. The result is the most accurate reproduction of Strife to date, including full demo and savegame compatibility. See README.Strife for more information.

Minor features that are nonetheless worth mentioning

  • Chocolate Doom now includes a -statdump command line option, which emulates the output of the statdump.exe tool. This is used to implement a form of regression testing (statcheck) that directly compares against the Vanilla behavior.
  • Chocolate Heretic includes HHE patch file support, and I believe is the first Heretic port to include this feature.
  • GUS “pseudo-emulation” is now supported. This does not fully emulate a GUS, but Doom’s DMXGUS lump can be used to generate a Timidity configuration file that plays music using the GUS patch set.
  • The setup tool now includes a built-in server browser, for use when selecting a server to join.

Version 2.0 of Chocolate Doom has been in development for a long time, and there have been many bugs fixed over this time, too many to list here. Thanks to all the people who have tested it and diligently reported bugs over this time, and to all the people who have tested the beta releases over the past couple of months. Your contributions have been essential and invaluable.

1.7.0 (2012-06-09)

  • Fixed gnome-screensaver desktop file (thanks Rahul Sundaram).
  • Updated COPYING to current version of GPL2 (thanks Rahul Sundaram).
  • Running servers now re-resolve the address of the master server occasionally, to adapt to DNS address changes.
  • Error dialog is no longer shown on OS X when running from the console.
  • The Makefiles no longer use GNU make extensions, so the package builds on OpenBSD.
  • There is now an OPL MIDI debug option (-opldev), useful for when developing GENMIDI lumps.
  • A workaround for SDL mouse lag is now only used on Windows (where it is needed), and not on other systems. This fixes Chocolate Doom on AmigaOS (thanks Timo Sievänen).
  • UTF-8 usernames are supported, and Windows usernames with non-ASCII characters are now supported (thanks Alexandre Xavier).


  • Palette accuracy is reduced to 6 bits per channel, to more accurately emulate the PC VGA hardware (thanks GhostlyDeath).
  • Fixed teleport behavior when emulating the alternate Final Doom executable (-gameversion final2) (thanks xttl).

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed weapon cycling keys when playing in Shareware Doom and using the IDKFA cheat (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Fixed the default mouse buttons in the setup tool (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Chat macros now work when vanilla_keyboard_mapping is turned off.
  • Default chat macros were fixed in the setup tool.
  • Ping time calculation was fixed for LAN search, and made more accurate for all searches.
  • Fixed bug with detection of IWAD type by filename (thanks mether).


  • There is now limited UTF-8 text support in the textscreen library, used in the label and input box widgets.
  • Scroll bar behavior was fixed (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Input boxes stop editing and save when they lose their focus, correcting a previous counterintuitive behavior (thanks Twelve).
  • The numeric keypad now works properly when entering text values (thanks Twelve).

1.6.0 (2011-05-17)

  • The instructions in the INSTALL file are now customized for different platforms, and each binary package contains a version with instructions specific to the platform that it is targetting. This should help to avoid confusion that some users have reported experiencing.
  • The display settings window in the setup tool has been reorganised to a better arrangement.
  • It is now possible to load .lmp files (and play back demos) with long filenames (thanks blzut3).
  • In the setup tool, it is now possible to hold down shift when changing key/mouse/joystick bindings to prevent other bindings to the same key from being cleared (thanks myk).
  • The joystick menu in the setup tool now has a test button (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Specifying the -privateserver option implies -server (thanks Porsche Monty).
  • The Mac OS X .dmg package now has a background and looks generally more polished.
  • In Mac OS X, it is now possible to simply double click an IWAD file in the Finder to configure its location within the launcher.
  • desktop files are now installed for Doom and the setup tool, which will appear in the main menu on desktop environments such as Gnome and KDE (thanks Adrián Chaves Fernández).
  • The Chex Quest dehacked patch (chex.deh) will now be detected if it is in the same directory as the IWAD file.


  • Added support for the alternate version of the Final Doom executable included in some later versions of the Id Anthology. This version fixed the demo loop crash that occurred with the “original” Final Doom executable.

    This executable can be selected on the command line with -gameversion final2. It has been made the default when playing with the Final Doom IWADs (the original behavior can be selected with -gameversion final). (thanks Porsche Monty, Enjay).

  • Very short sound effects are not played, to better emulate the behavior of DMX in Vanilla Doom (thanks to Quasar for help in investigating this).

  • The null sector dereference emulation code has been imported from Prboom+ - this fixes a desync with CLNJ-506.LMP (thanks entryway).

  • The IDMUS cheat doesn’t work when emulating the v1.9 executable (thanks Alexandre Xavier).

Bugs fixed

  • Menu navigation when using joystick/joypad (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • For configuration file value for shift keys, use scan code for right shift, not left shift (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Default joystick buttons for the setup tool now match Vanilla (thanks twipley).
  • Visual Studio project files work again (thanks GhostlyDeath).
  • The default sfx/music volume set by the setup tool is now 8 instead of 15, matching the game itself. (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Weapon cycling from the shotgun to the chaingun in Doom 1 now works properly (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • MIDI playback that locked up when using an empty MUS / MIDI file (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Default sampling rate used by setup tool changed to 44100Hz, to match the game default (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • Cheat codes and menu hot keys now work when shift is held down or capslock turned on (thanks Alexandre Xavier).


  • The background on GUI controls now lights up when hovering over them, so that it is more obvious what you are selecting.
  • It is now possible to type a “+” in input boxes (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
  • It is possible to use the mouse wheel to scroll through scroll panes.
  • Clicking on scroll bars now moves the scroll handle to a matching location.
  • Clicking outside a dropdown list popup window now dismisses the window.
  • Window hotkeys that are an alphabetical letter now work when shift is held down or capslock turned on (thanks Alexandre Xavier).

1.5.0 (2011-01-02)

Big changes in this version:

  • The DOSbox OPL emulator (DBOPL) has been imported to replace the older FMOPL code. The quality of OPL emulation is now therefore much better.
  • The game can now run in screen modes at any color depth (not just 8-bit modes). This is mainly to work around problems with Windows Vista/7, where 8-bit color modes don’t always work properly.
  • Multiplayer servers now register themselves with an Internet master server. Use the -search command line parameter to find servers on the Internet to play on. You can also use DoomSeeker ( which supports this functionality.
  • When running in windowed mode, it is now possible to dynamically resize the window by dragging the window borders.
  • Names can be specified for servers with the -servername command line parameter.
  • There are now keyboard, mouse and joystick bindings to cycle through available weapons, making play with joypads or mobile devices (ie. without a proper keyboard) much more practical.
  • There is now a key binding to change the multiplayer spy key (usually F12).
  • The setup tool now has a “warp” button on the main menu, like Vanilla setup.exe (thanks Proteh).
  • Up to 8 mouse buttons are now supported (including the mousewheel).
  • A new command line parameter has been added (-solo-net) which can be used to simulate being in a single player netgame.
  • There is now a configuration file parameter to set the OPL I/O port, for cards that don’t use port 0x388.
  • The Python scripts used for building Chocolate Doom now work with Python 3 (but also continue to work with Python 2) (thanks arin).
  • There is now a NOT-BUGS file included that lists some common Vanilla Doom bugs/limitations that you might encounter (thanks to Sander van Dijk for feedback).


  • The -timer and -avg options now work the same as Vanilla when playing back demos (thanks xttl)
  • A texture lookup bug was fixed that caused the wrong sky to be displayed in Spooky01.wad (thanks Porsche Monty).
  • The HacX v1.2 IWAD file is now supported, and can be used standalone without the need for the Doom II IWAD (thanks atyth).
  • The I_Error function doesn’t display “Error:” before the error message, matching the Vanilla behavior. “Error” has also been removed from the title of the dialog box that appears on Windows when this happens. This is desirable as not all such messages are actually errors (thanks Proteh).
  • The setup tool now passes through all command line arguments when launching the game (thanks AlexXav).
  • Demo loop behavior (ie. whether to play DEMO4) now depends on the version being emulated. When playing Final Doom the game will exit unexpectedly as it tries to play the fourth demo - this is Vanilla behaviour (thanks AlexXav).

Bugs fixed

  • A workaround has been a bug in old versions of SDL_mixer (v1.2.8 and earlier) that could cause the game to lock up. Please upgrade to a newer version if you haven’t already.
  • It is now possible to use OPL emulation at 11025Hz sound sampling rate, due to the new OPL emulator (thanks Porsche Monty).
  • The span renderer function (used for drawing floors and ceilings) now behaves the same as Vanilla Doom, so screenshots are pixel-perfect identical to Vanilla Doom (thanks Porsche Monty).
  • The zone memory system now aligns allocated memory to 8-byte boundaries on 64-bit systems, which may fix crashes on systems such as sparc64 (thanks Ryan Freeman and Edd Barrett).
  • The configure script now checks for libm, fixing compile problems on Fedora Linux (thanks Sander van Dijk).
  • Sound distortion with certain music files when played back using OPL (eg. Heretic title screen).
  • Error in Windows when reading response files (thanks Porsche Monty, xttl, Janizdreg).
  • Windows Vista/7 8-bit color mode issues (the default is now to run in 32-bit color depth on these versions) (thanks to everybody who reported this and helped test the fix).
  • Screen borders no longer flash when running on widescreen monitors, if you choose a true-color screen mode (thanks exp(x)).
  • The controller player in a netgame is the first player to join, instead of just being someone who gets lucky.
  • Command line arguments that take an option now check that an option is provided (thanks Sander van Dijk).
  • Skill level names in the setup tool are now written the same as they are on the in-game “new game” menu (thanks AlexXav).
  • There is no longer a limit on the lengths of filenames provided to the -record command line parameter (thanks AlexXav).
  • Window title is not lost in setup tool when changing video driver (thanks AlexXav).


  • The font used for the textscreen library can be forced by setting the TEXTSCREEN_FONT environment variable to “small” or “normal”.
  • Tables or scroll panes that don’t contain any selectable widgets are now themselves not selectable (thanks Proteh).
  • The actions displayed at the bottom of windows are now laid out in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

1.4.0 (2010-07-10)

The biggest change in this version is the addition of OPL emulation. This emulates Vanilla Doom’s MIDI playback when using a Yamaha OPL synthesizer chip, as was found on SoundBlaster compatible cards.

A software OPL emulator is included as most modern computers do not have a hardware OPL chip any more. If you do have one, you can configure Chocolate Doom to use it; see README.OPL.

The OPL playback feature is not yet perfect or 100% complete, but is judged to be good enough for general use. If you find music that does not play back properly, please report it as a bug.

Other changes

  • The REJECT overflow emulation code from PrBoom+ has been imported. This fixes demo desync on some demos, although others will still desync.
  • Warnings are now generated for invalid dehacked replacements of printf format strings. Some potential buffer overflows are also checked.
  • The installation instructions (INSTALL file) have been clarified and made more platform-agnostic.
  • The mouse is no longer warped to the center of the screen when the demo sequence advances.
  • Key bindings can now be changed for the demo recording quit key (normally ‘q’) and the multiplayer messaging keys (normally ‘t’, ‘g’, ‘i’, ‘b’ and ‘r’).

1.3.0 (2010-02-10)

  • Chocolate Doom now runs on Windows Mobile/Windows CE!
  • It is possible to rebind most/all of the keys that control the menu, shortcuts, automap and weapon switching. The main reason for this is to support the Windows CE port and other platforms where a full keyboard may not be present.
  • Chocolate Doom now includes a proper Mac OS X package; it is no longer necessary to compile binaries for this system by hand. The package includes a simple graphical launcher program and can be installed simply by dragging the “Chocolate Doom” icon to the Applications folder. (thanks to Rikard Lang for extensive testing and feedback)
  • The video mode auto-adjust code will automatically choose windowed mode if no fullscreen video modes are available.
  • The zone memory size is automatically reduced on systems with a small amount of memory.
  • The “join game” window in the setup tool now has an option to automatically join a game on the local network.
  • Chocolate Doom includes some initial hacks for compiling under SDL 1.3.
  • Recent versions of SDL_mixer include rewritten MIDI code on Mac OS X. If you are using a version of SDL_mixer with the new code, music will now be enabled by default.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 no longer prompt for elevated privileges when running the setup tool (thanks hobbs and MikeRS).
  • The Windows binaries now have better looking icons (thanks MikeRS).
  • Magic values specified using the -spechit command line parameter can now be hexadecimal.
  • DOOMWADDIR/DOOMWADPATH can now specify the complete path to IWAD files, rather than the path to the directory that contains them.
  • When recording shorttics demos, errors caused by the reduced turning resolution are carried forward, possibly making turning smoother.
  • The source tarball can now be used to build an RPM package: rpmbuild -tb chocolate-doom-VER.tar.gz


  • The A_BossDeath behavior in v1.9 emulation mode was fixed (thanks entryway)
  • The “loading” disk icon is drawn more like how it is drawn in Vanilla Doom, also fixing a bug with chook3.wad.
  • Desync on 64-bit systems with ep1-0500.lmp has (at long last) been fixed (thanks exp(x)).
  • Donut overrun emulation code imported from Prboom+ (thanks entryway).
  • The correct level name should now be shown in the automap for pl2.wad MAP33 (thanks Janizdreg).
  • In Chex Quest, the green radiation suit colormap is now used instead of the red colormaps normally used when taking damage or using the berserk pack. This matches Vanilla chex.exe behavior (thanks Fuzztooth).
  • Impassible glass now displays and works the same as in Vanilla, fixing wads such as OTTAWAU.WAD (thanks Never_Again).

Bugs fixed

  • Memory-mapped WAD I/O is disabled by default, as it caused various issues, including a slowdown/crash with Plutonia 2 MAP23. It can be explicitly re-enabled using the “-mmap” command line parameter.
  • Crash when saving games due to the ~/.chocolate-doom/savegames directory not being created (thanks to everyone who reported this).
  • Chocolate Doom will now run under Win95/98, as the SetProcessAffinityMask function is looked up dynamically.
  • Compilation under Linux with older versions of libc will now work (the semantics for sched_setaffinity were different in older versions)
  • Sound clipping when using libsamplerate was improved (thanks David Flater)
  • The audio buffer size is now calculated based on the sample rate, so there is not a noticeable delay when using a lower sample rate.
  • The manpage documentation for the DOOMWADPATH variable was fixed (thanks MikeRS).
  • Compilation with FEATURE_MULTIPLAYER and FEATURE_SOUND disabled was fixed.
  • Fixed crash when using the donut special type and the joining linedef is one sided (thanks Alexander Waldmann).
  • Key settings in a configuration file that are out of range do not cause a crash (thanks entryway).
  • Fix ear-piercing whistle when playing the MAP05 MIDI music using timidity with EAWPATS (thanks entryway / HackNeyed).


  • There is now a second, small textscreen font, so that the ENDOOM screen and setup tool can be used on low resolution devices (eg. PDAs/embedded devices)
  • The textscreen library now has a scrollable pane widget. Thanks to LionsPhil for contributing code to scroll up and down using the keyboard.
  • Doxygen documentation was added for the textscreen library.

1.2.1 (2008-12-10)

This version just fixes a crash at the intermission screen when playing Doom 1 levels.

1.2.0 (2008-12-10)

Happy 15th Birthday, Doom!

  • Chocolate Doom now has an icon that is not based on the proprietary Doom artwork.
  • There is now memory-mapped WAD I/O support, which should be useful on some embedded systems.
  • Chex quest emulation support is now included, although an auxiliary dehacked patch is needed ( in the idgames archive).


  • The armor class is always set to 2 when picking up a megasphere (thanks entryway).
  • The quit screen prompts to quit “to dos” instead of just to quit (thanks MikeRS)
  • The “dimensional shambler” quit message was fixed.
  • Fix crash related to A_BFGSpray with NULL target when using dehacked patches - discovered with insaned2.deh (thanks CSonicGo)
  • NUL characters are stripped from dehacked files, to ensure correct behavior with some dehacked patches (eg. the one with portal.wad).

Bugs fixed

  • “Python Image Library” should have been “Python Imaging Library” (thanks exp(x)).
  • The setup tool should no longer ask for elevated permissions on Windows Vista (this fix possibly may not work).
  • The application icon is set properly when running under Windows XP with the “Luna” theme.
  • Fix compilation under Cygwin to detect libraries and headers from the correct environment.
  • The video code does not try to read SDL events before SDL has been properly initialised - this was causing problems with some older versions of SDL.

1.1.1 (2008-04-20)

The previous release (v1.1.0) included a bug that broke compilation when libsamplerate support was enabled. The only change in this version is to fix this bug.

1.1.0 (2008-04-19)

  • The video mode code has been radically restructured. The video mode is now chosen by directly specifying the mode to use; the scale factor is then chosen to fit the screen. This is helpful when using widescreen monitors (thanks Linguica)
  • MSVC build project files (thanks GhostlyDeath and entryway).
  • Unix manpage improvements; the manpage now lists the environment variables that Chocolate Doom uses. Manpages have been added for chocolate-setup and chocolate-server, from the versions for the Debian Chocolate Doom package (thanks Jon Dowland).
  • INSTALL file with installation instructions for installing Chocolate Doom on Unix systems.
  • Support for high quality resampling of sound effects using libsamplerate (thanks David Flater).
  • A low pass filter is applied when doing sound resampling in an attempt to filter out high frequency noise from the resampling process.
  • R_Main progress box is not displayed if stdout is a file (produces cleaner output).
  • Client/server version checking can be disabled to allow different versions of Chocolate Doom to play together, or Chocolate Doom clients to play with Strawberry Doom clients.
  • Unix manpages are now generated for the Chocolate Doom configuration files.
  • The BSD PC speaker driver now works on FreeBSD.


  • Use the same spechits compatibility value as PrBoom+, for consistency (thanks Lemonzest).
  • The intercepts overrun code has been refactored to work on big endian machines.
  • The default startup delay has been set to one second, to allow time for the screen to settle before starting the game (some monitors have a delay before they come back on after changing modes).
  • If a savegame buffer overrun occurs, the savegame does not get saved and existing savegames are not overwritten (same behaviour as Vanilla).

Bugs fixed

  • Desync with STRAIN demos and dehacked Misc values not being set properly (thanks Lemonzest)
  • Don’t grab the mouse if the mouse is disabled via -nomouse or use_mouse in the configuration file (thanks MikeRS).
  • Don’t center the mouse on startup if the mouse is disabled (thanks Siggi).
  • Reset the palette when the window is restored to clear any screen corruption (thanks Catoptromancy).
  • mus2mid.c should use MEM_SEEK_SET, not SEEK_SET (thanks Russell)
  • Fast/Respawn options were not being exchanged when starting netgames (thanks GhostlyDeath).
  • Letterbox mode is more accurately described as “pillarboxed” or “windowboxed” where appropriate (thanks MikeRS)
  • Process affinity mask is set to 1 on Windows, to work around a bug in SDL_mixer that can cause crashes on multi-core machines (thanks entryway).
  • Bugs in the joystick configuration dialog in the setup tool have been fixed.

1.0.0 (2007-12-10)

This release is dedicated to Dylan “Toke” McIntosh, who was tragically killed in a car crash in 2006. I knew Dylan from IRC and the Doomworld forums for several years, and he had a deep passion for this game. He was also a huge help for me while developing Chocolate Doom, as he helped point out a lot of small quirks in Vanilla Doom that I didn’t know about. His death is a great loss. RIP Toke.

This is the first release to reach full feature parity with Vanilla Doom. As a result, I have made this version 1.0.0, so Chocolate Doom is no longer beta!

Big new features

  • Multiplayer! This version includes an entirely new multiplayer engine, based on a packet server architecture. I’d like to thank joe, pritch, Meph and myk, and everyone else who has helped test the new code for their support, feedback and help in testing this. The new code still needs more testing, and I’m eager to hear any feedback on this.
  • A working setup tool. This has the same look and feel as the original setup.exe. I hope people like it! Note that it has some advantages over the original setup.exe - for example, you can use the mouse.

Other new features

  • New mus conversion code thanks to Ben Ryves. This converts the Doom .mus format to .mid a lot better. As one example, tnt.wad Map02 is now a lot closer to how Vanilla says. Also, the music on the deca.wad titlescreen now plays!

  • x3, x4 and x5 display scale (thanks to MikeRS for x5 scale).

  • Fullscreen “letterbox” mode allows Chocolate Doom to run on machines where 1.6:1 aspect ratio modes are unavailable (320x200/640x400). The game runs in 320x240/640x480 instead, with black borders. The system automatically adjusts to this if closer modes are unavailable.

  • Aspect ratio correction: you can (also) run at 640x480 without black borders at the top and bottom of the screen.

  • PC speaker sound effect support. Chocolate Doom can output real PC speaker sounds on Linux, or emulate a PC speaker through the sound card.

  • Working three-screen mode, as seen in early versions of Doom! To test this out, put three computers on a LAN and type:

    chocolate-doom -server
    chocolate-doom -autojoin -left
    chocolate-doom -autojoin -right
  • Allow a delay to be specified on startup, to allow the display to settle after changing modes before starting the game.

  • Allow the full path and filename to be specified when loading demos: It is now possible to type “chocolate-doom -playdemo /tmp/foo.lmp” for example.

  • Savegames are now stored in separate directories depending on the IWAD: eg. the savegames for Doom II are stored in a different place to those for Doom I, Final Doom, etc. (this does not affect Windows).

  • New mouse acceleration code works based on a threshold and acceleration. Hopefully this should be closer to what the DOS drivers do. There is a ‘test’ feature in the setup tool to help in configuring this.

  • New “-nwtmerge” command line option that emulates NWT’s “-merge” option. This allows TiC’s Obituary TC to be played.

  • The ENDOOM screen no longer closes automatically, you have to click the window to make it go away.

  • Spechit overrun fixes and improvements. Thanks to entryway for his continued research on this topic (and because I stole your improvements :-). Thanks to Quasar for reporting a bug as well.

  • Multiple dehacked patches can be specified on the command line, in the same way as with WADs - eg. -deh foo.deh bar.deh baz.deh.

  • Default zone memory size increased to 16MB; this can be controlled using the -mb command-line option.

  • It is now possible to record demos of unlimited length (by default, the Vanilla limit still applies, but it can now be disabled).

  • Autoadjusting the screen mode can now be disabled.

  • On Windows, the registry is queried to detect installed versions of Doom and automatically locate IWAD files. IWADs installed through Steam are also autodetected.

  • Added DOOMWADPATH that can be used like PATH to specify multiple locations in which to search for IWAD files. Also, “-iwad” is now enhanced, so that eg. “-iwad doom.wad” will now search all IWAD search paths for “doom.wad”.

  • Improved mouse tracking that should no longer lag. Thanks to entryway for research into this.

  • The SDL driver can now be specified in the configuration file. The setup tool has an option on Windows to select between DirectX and windib.

  • Joystick support.

  • Configuration file option to change the sound sample rate.

  • More than three mouse buttons are now supported.

Portability improvements

  • Chocolate Doom now compiles and runs cleanly on MacOS X. Huge thanks go to Insomniak who kindly gave me an account on his machine so that I could debug this remotely. Big thanks also go to athanatos on the Doomworld forums for his patience in testing various ideas as I tried to get Chocolate Doom up and running on MacOS.
  • Chocolate Doom now compiles and runs natively on AMD64.
  • Chocolate Doom now compiles and runs on Solaris/SPARC, including the Sun compiler. Thanks to Mike Spooner for some portability fixes.
  • Improved audio rate conversion, so that sound should play properly on machines that don’t support low bitrate output.

Compatibility fixes

  • Check for IWADs in the same order as Vanilla Doom.
  • Dehacked code will now not allow string replacements to be longer than those possible through DOS dehacked.
  • Fix sound effects playing too loud on level 8 (thanks to myk for his continued persistence in getting me to fix this)
  • Save demos when quitting normally - it is no longer necessary to press ‘q’ to quit and save a demo.
  • Fix spacing of -devparm mode dots.
  • Fix sky behavior to be the same as Vanilla Doom - when playing in Doom II, the skies never change from the sky on the first level unless the player loads from a savegame.
  • Make -nomouse and config file use_mouse work again.
  • Fix the -nomusic command-line parameter. Make the snd_sfxdevice snd_musicdevice values in the configuration file work, so that it is possible to disable sound, as with Vanilla.
  • Repeat key presses when the key is held down (this is the Vanilla behavior) - thanks to Mad_Mac for pointing this out.
  • Don’t print a list of all arguments read from response files - Vanilla doesn’t do this.
  • Autorun only when joyb_speed >= 10, not >= 4. Thanks to Janizdreg for this.
  • Emulate a bug in DOS dehacked that can overflow the dehacked frame table and corrupt the weaponinfo table. Note that this means Batman Doom will no longer play properly (identical behavior to Vanilla); vbatman.deh needs to also be applied to fix it. (Thanks grazza)
  • Allow dehacked 2.3 patches to be loaded.
  • Add more dehacked string replacements.
  • Compatibility option to enable or disable native key mappings. This means that people with non-US keyboards can decide whether to use their correct native mapping or behave like Vanilla mapping (which assumes all keyboards are US).
  • Emulate overflow bug in P_FindNextHighestFloor. Thanks to entryway for the fix for this.
  • Add -netdemo command line parameter, for playing back netgame demos recorded with a single player.
  • The numeric keypad now behaves like Vanilla Doom does.
  • Fix some crashes when loading from savegames.
  • Add intercepts overrun emulation from PrBoom-plus. Thanks again to entryway for his research on this subject.
  • Add playeringame overrun emulation.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix crash when starting new levels due to the intermission screen being drawn after the WI_ subsystem is shut down (thanks pritch and joe)
  • Catch failures to initialise sound properly, and fail gracefully.
  • Fix crasher in 1427uv01.lmp (thanks ultdoomer)
  • Fix crash in udm1.wad.
  • Fix crash when loading a savegame with revenant tracer missiles.
  • Fix crash when loading a savegame when a mancubus was in the middle of firing.
  • Fix Doom 1 E1-3 intermission screen animations.
  • Fix loading of dehacked “sound” sections.
  • Make sure that modified copyright banners always end in a newline
    • this fixes a bug with av.wad (thanks myk)
  • Added missing quit message (“are you sure you want to quit this great game?”).
  • Fix when playing long sound effects - the death sound in marina.wad now plays properly, for example.
  • Fix buffer overrun on the quicksave prompt screen that caused a mysterious cycling character to appear.
  • IDCLEV should not work in net games (thanks Janizdreg)
  • Stop music playing at the ENDOOM screen.
  • Fix sound sample rate conversion crash.
  • Fix “pop” heard at the end of sound effects.
  • Fix crash when playing long sounds.
  • Fix bug with -timedemo accuracy over multi-level demos.
  • Fix bug with the automap always following player 1 in multiplayer mode (thanks Janizdreg).

0.1.4 (2006-02-13)

  • NWT-style merging command line options (allows Mordeth to be played)
  • Unix manpage (thanks Jon Dowland)
  • Dehacked improvements/fixes:
    • Allow changing the names of graphic lumps used in menu, status bar intermission screen, etc.
    • Allow changing skies, animated flats + textures
    • Allow changing more startup strings.
    • Allow text replacements on music + sfx lump names
  • Fix for plutonia map12 crash.
  • Fix bug with playing long sfx at odd sample rates.
  • Big Endian fixes (for MacOS X). Thanks to athanatos for helping find some of these.
  • Install into /usr/games, rather than /usr/bin (thanks Jon Dowland)

0.1.3 (2006-01-20)

  • Imported the spechit overrun emulation code from prboom-plus. Thanks to Andrey Budko for this.

  • New show_endoom option in the chocolate-doom.cfg config file allows the ENDOOM screen to be disabled.

  • Chocolate Doom is now savegame-compatible with Vanilla Doom.

  • Fixes for big endian machines (thanks locust)

  • Fixed the behavior of the dehacked maximum health setting.

  • Fix the “-skill 0” hack to play without any items (thanks to Janizdreg for pointing out that this was nonfunctional)

  • Fix playing of sounds at odd sample rates (again). Sound effects at any sample rate now play, but only sounds with valid headers. This is the real way Vanilla Doom behaves. Thanks to myk for pointing out the incorrect behavior.

0.1.2 (2005-10-29)

  • Silence sounds at odd sample rates (rather than bombing out); this is the way Vanilla Doom behaves.
  • Handle multiple replacements of the same sprite in a PWAD.
  • Support specifying a specific version to emulate via the command line (-gameversion)
  • Fix help screen orderings and skull positions. Behave exactly as the original executables do.

0.1.1 (2005-10-18)

  • Display startup “banners” if they have been modified through dehacked.
  • Dehacked “Misc” section support.

Bugs fixed

  • Doom 1 skies always using Episode 1 sky
  • Crash when switching applications while running fullscreen
  • Lost soul bounce logic (do not bounce in Registered/Shareware)
  • Mouse buttons mapped incorrectly (button 1 is right, 2 is middle)
  • Music not pausing when game is paused, when using SDL_mixer’s native MIDI playback.
  • Pink icon on startup (palette should be fully set before anything is loaded)

0.1.0 (2005-10-09)

  • Dehacked support
  • WAD merging for TCs
  • ENDOOM display
  • Fix bug with invalid MUS files causing crashes
  • Final Doom fixes

0.0.4 (2005-09-27)

  • Application icon and version info included in Windows .exe files
  • Fixes for non-x86 architectures
  • Fix uac_dead.wad (platform drop on e1m8 should occur when all bosses die, not just barons)
  • Fix “loading” icon to work for all graphics modes

0.0.3 (2005-09-17)

  • Mouse acceleration code to emulate the behaviour of old DOS mouse drivers (thanks to Toke for information about this and suggestions)
  • Lock surfaces properly when we have to (fixes crash under Windows 98)

0.0.2 (2005-09-13)

  • Remove temporary MIDI files generated by sound code.
  • Fix sound not playing at the right volume
  • Allow alt-tab away while running in fullscreen under Windows
  • Add second configuration file (chocolate-doom.cfg) to allow chocolate-doom specific settings.
  • Fix switches not changing in Ultimate Doom

0.0.1 (2005-09-07)

First beta release